HIX NPII 2410 Electric Dryer

HIX Corporations first product for the screen printing industry was the electric conveyor dryer over 46 years ago. During the past 46 years HIX has continually strived to make HIX electric dryers the most energy efficient dryers that money can buy! The HIX electric dryer "GREEN" features include; the use of high density 2" thick insulation inside the oven walls that keeps the outer skin of the dryer cool to the touch. This heavy insulation saves energy in two ways;

  1. Reducing the amount of heat escaping from the oven section requires less electricity to heat the substrates being dried.
  2. When heat is kept from escaping into the work area less electricity is required to run expensive air conditioners to cool the shop!

Our next "GREEN" feature on the HIX electric dryer is our state of the art thermocouple temperature control system. HIX utilizes a J-type thermocouple and a digital Partlow heat controller that allows the dryer to cycle on and off only calling for electricity/heat when the thermocouple senses a drop in temperature as product enters the oven chamber. And likewise when the oven chamber is empty the thermocouple senses a rise in temperature and cycles the power on and off to maintain the set point temperature instead of calling for constant heat like a percentage timer heat controller does. Example: A percentage timer heat controller will call for full heat (full power) even when the oven chamber is empty of product because it has no way to sense a drop in temperature created by a full oven load of product.

The HIX NPII electric dryer with our thermocouple design is a big energy saver over competitive dryers that use percentage timer heat controllers. Another key "GREEN" feature on the HIX NPII electric dryers is our exclusive bottom air recovery system that recycles and reuses 97% of the heated oven air instead of constantly heating cooler ambient air and then exhausting all of this hot air through the exhaust stack! The HIX bottom air recovery system not only saves electricity by reusing the heated air, it also reduces the amount of CO2 exhausted into the atmosphere reducing the carbon footprint of the HIX drying system. And last but not least the HIX electric dryers are built to last the lifetime of your business! GO GREEN...GO HIX!

HIX HG Gas Dryer

HIX Gas Dryers have been designed to meet the production and energy saving goals of the modern screen printing operation. The efficient BTU burner, which works with the fresh air combustion blower, re-circulates most of the heated oven air to keep operation expenses low. By re-circulating the heated oven air the HIX Gas oven doesn’t need to use as much natural gas to maintain the set point temperature. This recycling of hot oven air combined with our triple wall construction of the oven makes this oven the most energy efficient gas dryer available on the market and lowers the CO2 emission output into the atmosphere. HIX also utilizes direct drive electric motors to run the blower system instead of cumbersome drive belts and pulleys that are found in competitive models. The HIX Gas dryers electrical requirements are only 10 amps at 3 phase to power the blower motors on our larger 48, 60, and 72 inch wide BG Gas dryers and only 3 Amps with our 220 volt 1 phase HG-3612 Gas dryer!

Cross Section of Our Gas Ovens
Cross Section of Our Electric Ovens