At HIX Corp we believe the best way to show people we care about our planet, being energy efficient and saving yor money is by incorperating safe, efficient and effective practices in our daily production.

Here at HIX we value our employees and understands their importance to the over all role of success within the company. We also understand that being in Kansas it gets very hot in the summer. To help our employees our plant is air conditioned. We run our units only upon hitting 85 degrees before noon and exhaust the plant during nighttime hours, to minimize energy consumptions. We start our production shift early in the morning to reduce the need to run our air conditioners for extended periods of time. In fact most days the production plant doesn't need to turn on the air conditioning because we start early enough in the day when it is cooler, and finish the day before the heat is unbearable in the plant. Opening the plant early and running the air coniditioning less helps us cust energy usage. Keeping employees cooler increases their production capabilities and increases the overall efficiency of the production shop.

HIX has come up with numerous way of cutting energy usage. Througout the office We have been replacing all 160 mercury vapor lights and all of our office fixtures with high pressure fluorescent which use 1/3 the electricity. We run our natural gas fired foundry only in low demand months such as April-October, freeing up millions of MCF for winter/peak demand months. We've beeing going through and updating things as simple as replacing most towel dispensers with more efficient lower overall energy, high velocity hand drying blowers. These cuts in energy usage help protect our environment and your pocket.

As part of our many years in business here at HIX we've always practice the art of recycling. All of our steel cuttings and scrap are recycled along with all of our aluminum. Aluminum solid we re-melt, cuttings that hit the floor we turn around and sell to reclaimers. Bins are left our for our employees to recycle their waste aluminum cans and scraped paper products that can be recycled. All cardboard and plastic is traded to recycler for used pallets which we use for shipping. The scapped and damaged pallet are given to our employees and communty as fire wood, a nice side effect of this is that oak pallets burn hotter and with less ash!. Boxes we receive are recycled by reshipping them with our products. A number of the paper products we use internaly, including bathroom tissue, are from recycle sources. We also have approximately 8 acres of "green area" on our 16 acre site. We bale the grass/clover/hay 2x/year for animal feed.

HIX offers a wide arrange of products. One of our departments offer a material called "Flock". A soft and fuzzy transfer that you can apply to shirts, hand bags, jeans, hats, etc... Never the less and keeping up with HIX's goal to remain "green" this department recycles our excess Flock fibers and adhesive crystals on the production line. They also gang multiple designs/sizes on one screen to save on screen printing time/materials. Our Flock department utilize a low melt adhesive to save on energy needed to heat transfer for adhesion. Instead of wasting money on buying all new colors we combine fibers to create new colors. Our scraps are recycled and offered to the customers at discounted prices as opposed to throwing them away. We alsouse water based printing adhesive as opposed to oil based wash and re-use our screens to save on waste.